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Warranty and Repairs

When comparing warranties there are a few things to consider: First and foremost if you have a warranted component fail, how long will it take to get your car fixed and back to you? If it takes a week or more for this repair than you really don’t have a warranty. America’s choice will get your car turned around and back in your hands usually within 24 hours.



Most of our competitors have a deductible that must be paid even if the failed component is under warranty. For example if your alternator failed you would be responsible for the tow and a $100 deductible to cover the repair. At America’s Choice there are no deductibles.

Our Warranty Covers:

The engine and all of its internally lubricated moving parts. The transmission or trans axle and all of its internally lubricated moving parts. The most common failure on a vehicle today is a water pump and yes we cover that also. We also cover starter, alternator and fuel pump. We do this for 24 months or 24 thousand miles. Like everything we do, our warranties are simple, no tricks, just good coverage!

Repairs and Maintenance:

During your years of driving, your vehicle will need repairs and maintenance outside of warranty work. You can arrange repair and maintenance with us (appointment necessary) to keep your vehicle running and running properly. With a paid up current account, you can pay as little as 25% up front for repairs and carry the remainder on your account at only 6% interest.

State Inspection:

By state law your vehicle must have a current state inspection and in some counties must have a current emission inspection.

A New Benefit of Being an America’s Choice Member:

We will have your vehicle state inspected and emission inspected at no charge! (Appointment necessary) Any needed repairs to pass these inspections can be charged to your account with no cash up front! Again you must have a paid up current account to take advantage of this new benefit!