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About Us


Down Payments

Down payments are posted on all vehicles but are flexible. For example, if you have a lot of stability on the job and in the area, you may qualify for less than the posted down payment. Even as low as ‘0’ down. Since everything is done ‘in house’ you will deal with the same people from start to finish. Many approvals are the same day. Payments are made affordable and can be made at the store. We also accept credit card payment or we can even take the payment directly from your checking or savings account, from a bank or credit union. Your payment day will match your pay day! All of our vehicles are state inspected and you may take it to your mechanic before you buy.


Earn cash with on time payments!

When you buy from us you become a member!  Each on time payment will earn you a “thank you note”. It is worth $1 in cash, or you can apply ‘thank you notes’ to make your payment.


Free Fluid Checks !

On the first weekend of every month we have free fluid checks and ‘top offs’ at each America’s Choice location. We have free refreshments to go along with this service.
Just another benefit when you become an America’s Choice ‘member’!



State Inspection

Free State inspection for the life of your loan (Appointment necessary). We will State inspect your vehicle free of charge and do necessary repairs to pass inspection with no cash up front. We will add the repairs to your account (as long as your account is in good standing and current)! Another benefit of being an America’s Choice member!


General Maintenance

We will perform general maintenance to your vehicle (appointment necessary) such as tires, oil change, repairs etc. We can do this for 25% of the cost of repairs paid up front and the balance added to your account. Account must be in good standing and current. Another benefit of being an America’s Choice member!